Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

read file in Scala

read file in scala:

for (file <- new File("/var/log/").listFiles) {

list a directory

if (!file.isDirectory) {

ask is file not a directory

simple print out of a file


for {
(line) <- Source.fromFile("bla.txt").getLines
} print(line)

read a file in an iterator

scala> val lines ="/var/log/syslog")
lines: = non-empty iterator

scala> lines
res5: = non-empty iterator

read a file in a string

val lines ="/var/log/syslog").mkString

// for utf-8 encoding
val lines ="file.txt", "utf-8").getLines.mkString

or you can use Java API

val os = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("gen/" + file.getName))

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